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 Expertise and passion on 3 levels


Our holistic expertise and passion on 3 levels – Osteopathy, Physiotherapy and Naturopathy-

is what makes us unique. Our work begins with prevention.It is qur mission to  contribute to a healthy society with our long-term experience and our passion.

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Enjoy Life, Vitality, and Health – welcome to our practice for

Osteopathy, Physiotherapy and Naturopathy in Koblenz and Eitelborn

In our practice for Osteopathy, Physiotherapy ans Naturopathy in Koblenz and Westerwald we assist newborns, children and adults on their way to a better health, vitality and life quality.

As naturopath, physiotherapist with an emphasis on osteopathy my team and I provide you with a comprehensive spectrum of therapeutic and preventative measures. Particularly, the support and assistance of people with typical diseases of today’s civilization (back injuries, low immunity, allergies, migraine, burn-out, diabetes) and diseases chronically resistant to therapy, are of our utmost concern.

In our practice for Osteopathy, Physiotherapy and Naturopathy Koblenz and Eitelborn, we bridge the gap between conventional and alternative medicine.

Doctors and therapists of the various fields and specializations are important partners to our practice enable us to cooperate inter-disciplinarily. Part of the cooperation comprises of the frequent interaction in our workgroups for holistic medicine, AGM Mittelrhein, where I am the only member practicing as naturopath among numerous doctors.

You would like a personal consultation about a holistic osteopathic and naturopathic treatment in Koblenz or Eitelborn?

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Our naturopaths and experts for osteopathy and physiotherapy and I look forward to seeing you soon in our practice.


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