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Articular trouble and problems with the musculoskeletal system

Articular trouble and back pains are among the most common concerns which patients search for help with in our practice. Whether it is a disc prolapse, arthrosis, tension, headache, inflammation, lumbago, back- or neck pain, joint, muscles or string problems, chronical or acute joint troubles in the knee, foot, hip or shoulders, rheumatism, sports injuries, consequences of an accident, whiplash or other injuries – with us you are in good, competent hands. As a practice for holistic therapy we treat not only diseases, bones and joints, but the whole human. We are a valued partner to many orthopedists and specialized physicians. This trusted cooperation is an important success factor for your therapy.

The holistic way to vitality, mobility and joy of life with joint trouble!

We understand that as you are suffering from joint problems, pain and diseases such as arthrosis, you aim at getting fit and mobile as quickly as possible. Next to the short-term help our goal is always your long-term health. Therefor we think further: Where are the actual roots of your symptoms? Oftentimes, a blockage of a joint is only one part of a chain of events, for example a consequence of tense conjunctive tissue (fascia) or organ. In your body, everything is connected.

For example, the actual cause of your problem might be in the right shoulder. Or a chronical joint trouble such as arthritis

could arise from a slagging, because your filter system (liver, kidneys, intestine or lungs) are overstrained. The osteopathy takes into consideration and understands those relations. Hence, during your treatment we also take a look at your nutrition, which always plays a role in every aspect of health. We treat people and help them regain mobility, vitality and joy in motion. This is what we campaign for.


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