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Common skin problems

The number of allergic skin problems is rising constantly. Meanwhile, around every 3rd person is affected. In cooperation with family doctors and dermatologists, as well as allergologists, in our practice we treat patients with neurodermatitis, psoriasis, dry skin, itchiness, eczemas, and acne. We also assist our patients for post-surgery aftercare for example to treat scars or to badly healing wounds. Competence, humane and medically profound. Skin problems like acne, pimples and blackheads within the face might not only harm the patient’s self-confidence, in some cases they are also symptomatic for a congestion of the filter systems, overacidification or hormonal disbalance. Also in this area we look at the person and his body as a complex system, where everything is connected.

Our holistic approach agains skin problems

With all skin problems we perform a comprehensive anamnesis and diagnosis to identify the root causes for your issues. Are there any weak spots in your organ system? Are liver, kidneys or intestines weakened? Together, we define a joint therapeutic path, to rebuild your immune system, strengthen your filter systems and bring the whole body back to its harmonic balance. Depending on the indication, we recommend a combination of osteopathy and orthomolecular medicine, the probiotic buildup of your gut flora, a special diet to restore your acid-base balance, a sport- and movement concept that fits your constitution, as well as a skin care with suitable skincare products.

Moreover, we support the treatment of your skin problems with modern medical equipment such as far infra-red, physical vascular therapy, BEMER or ultrasound.

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