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Temporomandibular joint

Common jaw joint problems

Are you suffering from symptoms such as nightly teeth grinding, creaking, or pain in the jaw joint? Then you are in competent hands at our practice for osteopathy, physiotherapy and naturopathy. Malfunctions of the jaw joint, i.e. dysgnathia, crossbite, and overbite are described by the medical terms craniomandibular dysfunction (CMD) or temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJD). The consequences of this can be multifaceted. Even ear noises (tinnitus), migraine shoulder-neck-problems or spinal-, hip, knee- or ankle issues can often originate from a dysfunction or blockade of the jaw joint due to degressive cause-effect chains – which can be treated effectively. We closely cooperate with dentists and orthodontists and assist you as well prior to and after orthodontic interventions.

For example, we often treat patients prior to the adjustment of a splint, so the jaw is aligned correctly for the dental cast.

A small cause can have a big effect – jaw joint problems belong into the hands of experienced therapists

Maxillary and mandible together build a complex joint, where all parts have to interact perfectly. If an interaction is disturbed, for example through an accident, a fraction, a stroke, stress or unfavorable chewing or swallowing habits, this can result in discomfort or noises within the jaw joint. What is more, problems of the shoulder girdle and the hip can have a negative effect on the jaw joint.

Conversely, untreated disorders of the jaw joint can affect the whole organism. The osteopathy understands these complex relations. As your therapist, we look for asymmetries and tensions within the body and treat those. The aim is to restore the natural balance of the body.

Where appropriate, we complement the osteopathic treatment individually with physiotherapy, manual therapy, physical vascular therpy, BEMER, ultrasound, magnetotherapy or the mediation of relaxation techniques to induce stress reduction within the daily routine.

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