lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage Koblenz and Eitelborn – Experience and competence

You are looking for a therapist in Koblenz? Lymphatic drainage is a manual therapy which is part of our practice’s range of services for osteopathy, physiotherapy and naturopathy. In addition to the Koblenz location, we are also available for you in Eitelborn in the Westerwald.

The lymphatic system has an important detoxification task and is elementary for our health.

Our lymph circulation is not a closed circuit like our blood system, but a semicirculation. Our physiotherapists and non-medical practitioners in Koblenz and Eitelborn have sound knowledge of the course of the pathways and support you with a gentle type of massage, the lymph drainage. Gentle grip techniques improve the performance of the lymphatic system by supporting and activating the pumping performance of the lymphatic vessels.

Practice Böhler – Lymphatic drainage Koblenz

Lymph drainage is mainly used as an edema and decongestion therapy for swollen body regions (e. g. through operations or accidents). We also support our practice for osteopathy, physiotherapy and naturopathy in Koblenz and Eitelborn with lymphatic drainage for chronic venous diseases, sports injuries, heart problems or rheumatic diseases.