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Holistic view on the neurologic treatment

In the area of neurology, we are oftentimes approached by patients that suffer from headaches, migraine, tinnitus (ear noises), dizziness, burn-out, chronic exhaustion, diseases such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson or ALS, or persistent pain after a slipped disk, a stroke or operational interventions. Stress, depressive mood swings and sleeping problems are often a permanent companion of the respective patient. With us you are in the hands of sensitive, and experienced therapists, that take their time for you, a thorough diagnosis and therapy.

In the area of neurology, the necessity of a holistic perspective is especially obvious, since the nervous system goes through the whole body. Everything is therefor connected. We gladly recognize that this view is shared by an increasing amount of doctors of the academic medicine which cooperate with us, to treat neurologic disorders and symptoms while looking at the “whole” human.

A neurologic treatment requires a thorough diagnostic and understanding of the root causes

As with all disorders, neurological symptoms such as dizziness, tinnitus and ear noises are as well a chain reaction within your body. The root cause often lays within distorted blood circulation within the inner ear, which can in turn provoke a blockage of the cervical spine.

This could be caused by an incorrect posture at work, jaw joint problems or problems with the body statics. Likewise, tensions of the structures within the head can induce these blood circulation problems, for example through a fall on the coccyxes. Not to forget the kidneys, that are closely related to the supply of the inner ear, and can also have an effect. This example illustrates, how complex the interrelations within the area of neurology can be. The capability to realize this is crucial for the success of a therapy.

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