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Organs / inner medicine

Organ therapy: common disorders of the organs

In the area of organ therapy we treat people in our practice that suffer from chronic metabolic problems (dyspepsia) such as flatulence, constipation, diarrhea, irritated intestine, Morbus Chron disease, Collitis Ulcerosa, hemmorhoid (piles) or affections of the liver, gall or kidneys or organ descent, chronic bladder infection, intestine incontinence, gut pain, pyrosis, regurgitation, reflux, functional heart diseases, high blood pressure, circulation problems, lung problems, asthma, bronchitis, varicose veins, and lymphatic congestion. Patients that are in conventional medical treatment because of systemic disorders like cancer, diabetes, AIDS, rheumatism or after surgical interventions, can be supported by our holistic therapeutic approach. In doing so, we cooperate with the physicians of the respective specialization.

Health begins with the inner balance

Also the inner organs follow their own rhythm and are depending on their sensitive balance of slippage and agility. Through surgeries, inflammations and disorders of the organs, VERWACHSUNGEN and VERKLEBUNGEN can arise that disturb this balance.

These can result in changes in the tension of the soft tissue (i.e. muscles, sinews, connective tissues or fascia), which can influence the blood circulation of the affected areas – a potential root cause for many of the abovementioned symptoms. Also here the osteopathy is an important instrument for the diagnosis and therapy, treating the patient from a holistic point of view. We look for the root causes of your problems and pains, set regulating impulses and give the body the chance to bring itself back to its natural balance.

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