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Newborns and Babies

Osteopathy for your baby in Koblenz and Eitelborn

You are looking for an osteopath and naturopath in Koblenz, who can treat your baby with comprehensive know-how, experience and sensitivity?

Especially for newborns, osteopathy is highly effective. No need to say, that these small patients should at all cost be in the hands of an experienced and well-educated specialist. In our practice for osteopathy, physiotherapy and naturopathy we are happy to assist you. In cooperation with physicians and midwifes we treat premature babies, caesarean babies, newborns with skull deformations, KISS-Syndrome, three-months-colics, flatulences, cry babies, sleeping troubles, constipation, development delays and difficulties with swallowing and spitting with heart and mind.

Our Practice for Osteopathy in Koblenz can assist you and your baby through your pregnancy!

In general, children and newborns respond very well to osteopathic treatment. Especially useful is the assistance of the expecting mother during her pregnancy. In our practice we gladly take care of mother and child. With osteopathy, we can contribute gently, but effectively, to the prenatal and post-care. Furthermore, we get to know the little patient in their womb, where many of the abovementioned problems can already arise. Spatial density, pressure, early

contractions and the exertions during birthing very often cause dysfunctions, that can, through the course of growth, evolve in various symptoms. The earlier these dysfunctions can be detected and treated on the child, the better. With gentle grasp-techniques on the head we treat for example the displacement or blockade of the skull bones with the aim of relieving the brain and its nerves, that supply the inner organs or shoulder-neck-muscles. This can result in the relief of the fascia and the balance of the inner organs, or reduce a wry neck or stomach colics.

Also the handling, the right grasps to carry the child around day to day can positively affect the development of the child’s motoric capabilities. To advice you on this matter is a service, that we gladly provide.

One of the things we love most about our profession, is to accompany our patients through their progress.

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