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Sports injuries

Common sports injuries – therapy and prophylaxis

In our practice we treat many patients, that come find us after recurring sports injuries such as tennis or golf elbows, achilles tendon irritation or rupture, meniscus or cruciate ligament rupture, shoulder or wrist injuries, overload symptoms, or after acute ankle twist, hyperextension of the ligaments, or muscular strains. In our therapy we cooperate closely with sports physicians and orthopedists. When practicing sports like soccer, tennis, golf or handball, the body is often exposed to rotation movements, which can result in inguinal pain, strains, a torn hamstring, problems with the capsule-band-apparatus, cartilage injuries, muscular and fascial disbalance, knee problems, and/or tendon inflammations. To us, these are classic indications for an osteopathic treatment. Injury prevention is another important area of our practice, as well as the therapy to improve your vitality and power capacity. Prevention remains the best medicine.

Sports injuries: therapy with foresights and instinctive feeling

Oftentimes athletes are surprised to hear where we expect the root causes of their pains or injuries. Osteopathy does not work with structures, but with functions and event chains. A good example for this is the classic ancle twist. These sports injuries can result in a malposition within the sprained ancle, which can cause tensions within the calf or the femoral muscle, which in return can cause problems in the knee, the hip or the spine. Therefor, in this case we would not only treat the symptoms of the back, but in particular the ankle. This also illustrates, how important it is to treat even seemingly insignificant wounds as soon as possible when they incur. With our holistic therapy we help you to get back into your sport and training as soon as possible.

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