Physical Vascular Therapy BEMER

BEMER Therapy – Improving health and performance through improved microcirculation

We are happy to use the physical vascular therapy BEMER in our practice for general loss of performance, exhaustion, circulatory disturbances, wound healing disturbances, pain, respiratory diseases, cardiovascular disturbances, after surgical interventions, lymphatic congestion, sports injuries, metabolic disturbances, overacidification, skin diseases, sleep disturbances, after injuries and illnesses or in case of high sporting strain to improve regeneration and increase performance.

The aim of BEMER therapy is to improve microcirculation. The devices generate electromagnetic impulses that stimulate the pumping movements of the smallest vessels, thus improving blood flow and blood exchange in this area. This supports self-healing and regeneration processes.


BEMER therapy for optimal blood circulation down to the smallest blood vessels

In our practice, you can enjoy the beneficial effects of BEMER equipment in a relaxing treatment. Good microcirculation is the basic requirement for health. It ensures that every bodycell can be optimally supplied with oxygen and nutrients. Good blood circulation is also essential for the removal of metabolic and degradation products. Organs and tissues are treated, wounds and sports injuries are supported in healing and the immune system also benefits from healthy blood vessels. BEMER therapy has established itself above all in competitive sports. The devices are used by professional athletes.

of FC Basel and Schalke 04 as well as in NASA’s space suits. More and more often we accompany athletes to promote regeneration and increase their performance

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