In the Practice Böhler we practice numerous natural remedies

The naturopathy and natural remedies aim at supporting the natural regenerative properties to help the body to help itself. For this we solely count on the treatment with natural means and stimuli. A holistic therapy on the grounds of naturopathy does not only take into account the body, but the individual patient as a whole. In our practice we follow this approach with all diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.


We adjust all natural therapies to your individual needs.

During a detailed anamnesis consultation, our therapists ascertains which natural therapy is most suitable for you. In our practice we offer classic and modern natural therapy, such as self-blood-treatment, infusion therapy, leech therapy, colon therapy, detoxification and purification, orthomolecular therapy or manual procedures like osteopathy.


These methods still are not approved by conventional medicine, for scientific proof of the effect has not yet been presented sufficiently. However, natural therapy can support a treatment. If you are in conventional medical treatment, we gladly engage in active dialogue with your doctor and discuss appropriate measures.


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