The osteopathy: the holistic, gentle approach from Amerika

The osteopathy was originally founded in Amerika, it is there an acknowledged medical discipline that is being taught at medical universities. Dr. Andrew Taylor Still (1828-1917) was the founding father of the osteopathy. With the exact knowledge of the construction and function of the human body and the understanding of the holistic unity of the human, he developed a method, where the hands stimulate healing processes within the organism of the patient.

Because Dr. Still saw the correction of bone misplacements within the body as so critical, he called his methodology Osteopathy (“suffering induced by the bones”). In the sense of the holism, the osteopathy today divides into three areas: The parietal osteopathy (musculo-skelettal), the visceral osteopathy (inner organs), and the craniosacral osteopathy. Osteopathy does not only address the symptoms, it much more searches for the exact root causes for the malaise. This therapy is suitable for newborns, children and adults. Regardless of the problem, a conscientious diagnosis is the first step, and only then the therapy concept and the subsequent treatment can begin. The health of our patients is our greatest good.

Osteopathy on a high international level

In our practice we exclusively employ experienced osteopaths, physiotherapists and naturopaths with a sound education. Through continued training within Germany and outside the country, we are always up to date on the newest scientific findings, and consequently and constantly develop our know-how in seminars with internationally profiled osteopaths. As certified osteopaths we are a member of the largest osteopathy associations, the BVO, VOD, VOSD and VWDO. These memberships are a quality validation and a prerequisite for many health insurances for the reimbursement of treatment fees. Meanwhile, our holistic treatment method enjoys an excellent reputation within and outside the region.

These methods still are not approved by conventional medicine, for scientific proof of the effect has not yet been presented sufficiently.

On you find countless revisions and feedback on our practice in Koblenz, our treatment and our team. Please share your experience and help others to find the right osteopath for them.