ultrasound therapy

Ultrasound therapy ¬- more efficiency through modern technology

Ultrasound therapy combines the advantages of ultrasound technology with modern herbal medicine: During a gentle massage with the active ultrasound head, plant-based active ingredient preparations in the form of creams, gels or lotions are to be introduced into the deeper skin and tissue layers. Ultrasound therapy is painless and non-invasive. The desired therapeutic effect is to promote blood circulation and lymph flow, thereby improving detoxification as well as the supply of oxygen and nutrients in the tissue.


When do we use ultrasound therapy?

This method can complement therapy for pain, sports injuries, joint diseases, inflammation, rheumatism, tendon irritation, muscle diseases, skin problems, migraine. The regeneration treatment for cartilage damage, bone diseases such as osteoporosis or fractures can also be rounded off with the help of V-sonic ultrasound therapy. The active ingredient combinations are intended to promote the rebuilding of tissue substances, making the system ideal for use in cosmetics as well as for therapeutic purposes.