Heat and cold therapy

Heat and cold therapy against pain

In our practice for osteopathy, physiotherapy and naturopathy we use cold or heat therapy to alleviate pain.

The manual use of heat or cold in pain, injury, inflammation or muscle tension has been known for centuries. The targeted use of heat or cold in therapy can be used locally or on the whole body.

How does heat and cold therapy work?

Both thermal stimuli act directly on the nerve endings and inhibit the transmission of pain to the brain, they can support muscle relaxation and have a direct effect on the blood vessel width. Whether heat or cold therapy is indicated depends on the indication, type of pain and the diseases.

We apply heat therapy with fango, hot rolls, red and infrared light or windings for non-inflammatory complaints, cramps and tensions to relax the musculature. Cold therapy in the form of ice casts or ice packs is particularly recommended for the treatment of acute and painful symptoms such as injuries, swelling, especially during sport, after surgery, inflammations and insect bites.