Corporate health management

Corporate health management: We support you professionally and experienced

Did you know, that the German economy loses 35 billion Euro every year due to sick employees? This number does not take into account the damage caused by employees going to work despite their illness, infecting their colleagues, being less concentrated, delaying their healing process and provoking chronic symptoms. That being said, around 70 percent of all diseases can be traced back to physical inactivity, a wrong diet, and stress. The good news is: You as an employer can do a lot to prevent this!

Your investment in the health of your employees brings the best dividends!

A professional occupational health management is about more than improving your reputation as an employer: You can reduce sick leave, optimize your employee’s satisfaction, and increase their performance, motivation and productivity. Moreover, your genuine caretaking is a sign of true appreciation that reaches the people in your company emotionally.

Effective occupational health management for your enterprise

As experts for osteopathy, physiotherapy and naturopathy we can do a lot for the health of your employees. To evaluate the individual benefit for your company, we offer a 12-months anonymous study with voluntary employees. This study comprises of an anamnesis, an HRV-measurement to assess the actual health status, individual recommendations for your employee’s treatment, personal assistance in your facilities or our practices in Koblenz and Eitelborn as well as various course offerings (i.e. on Physical Activity, Nutrition, Stress Reduction). All documentation of the study is taken anonymously. Based on the evaluation of the study you can assess the individual benefit for your company, and provide fact-based arguments for your budget planning.