therapy procedure

We take our time for your osteopathic treatment

Typically, the first osteopathic therapy takes between 60 and 90 minutes. How many therapy sessions are necessary in your case depends on many factors. Upon completion of a comprehensive anamnesis and diagnosis our therapist can give you a realistic estimation. For us, the goals which you pursue with your treatment, are crucial. Only if you know what you want to achieve, you can actively contribute to the success of your therapy. An osteopathic therapy is teamwork. Osteopaths and patients need to pull the string together. Active Contribution is the best medicine in this case.

The osteopathic therapy in 5 steps – what you can expect:

The admission

Through a profound anamnesis, we examine your background and medical record. Were there prior histoid-damaging influences? Disorders, injuries, surgeries, scars, infections, plunges? Try to remember even the smallest things, as they can be important elements in a chain of events.

The examination

Afterwards, your therapist will examine your stasis and anatomy precisely. Then follows the manual examination. Many osteopathy patients are surprised, as we do not only examine the hurting areas. No organ is isolated, everything is connected to each other. With our hands and “thinking fingers”, the osteopath senses malpositions within bones, joints, organs and fascia, and bring it into context of the movement relations of the body. The examination combined with the description of your problems and symptoms result in a diagnosis, that we, if needed, verify with additional tests. Also in the area of diagnostics we cooperate with a network of physicians, and depending on the situation, we recommend MRI-, ultrasound-, X-ray, ECG, or a laboratory examination. At last, this is about your health.

The treatment

As a next step, we jointly define your therapeutic path – individually. The osteopathy will be an important part herein. Almost all osteopathic techniques are gentle and relaxing. At first, we take care of the most noticeable “roadworks”. With compensatory contact/touch we treat the whole body through the joints, organs, the skull and the fascia. With osteopathy, we treat misplacements, tensions and blockades, and stimulate the circulation. These impulses are meant to activate the self-regenerating forces within your body. After the osteopathic treatment, you can rest between 20 to 30 Minutes, typically with the application of heating or equipment therapy.

The individual therapy

After the treatment, we will discuss the next steps of your therapy and possibly give you instructions on physical or osteopathic exercises you can perform at home, or give recommendations on your daily life and nutrition. To rebuild your immune system and regeneration power, we additionally take care of your own filter systems, i.e. liver, kidneys, lungs, skin and intestine.

The post effect

After your osteopathic treatment, you may feel tires, and in the upcoming days light muscle aching can arise. In some cases, the patient experiences a first aggravation of the symptoms after the treatment. This is a good sign which shows that your body is responding to the treatment.