disease prevention

disease prevention

Disease prevention – It makes sense to avoid diseases rather than having to treat them later.

In Böhler’s practice we have the vision to inspire you for the care of your health and prevention. No human being should become active solely out of fear of illness, but should always see the joy of vitality, mobility and health in the foreground. We are committed to this.

In our practice we work with many different methods and measures, all of which have a common goal: to strengthen your self-healing and performance power. A healthy basic diet, sufficient exercise and the minimization of risk factors such as smoking, alcohol and sugar should ideally be part of your lifestyle. In addition, we support you with the relief and strengthening of your filter organs, liver, kidneys, intestines, lungs and skin, and offer numerous diagnostic tests for the early detection of possible weak points and functional disorders.

Innovative procedures for disease prevention, performance enhancement and regeneration

As different as your motivation for the care of your health may be, as varied are our therapeutic and diagnostic possibilities. In order to improve microcirculation, for example, we use the physical vascular therapy BEMER. In the field of preventive diagnostics, we work with heart rate variability measurement using the Nerve Express. This is a special form of an ECG which takes up the rhythmic intervals of the heart. The system is highly developed and extremely reliable and provides indications of pathological processes or existing functional disorders that can affect the cardiovascular system at a very early stage. This development is also a unique tool for measuring, monitoring and improving the vegetative nervous system and physical fitness. Would you like to know more about our methods and procedures? Arrange an appointment, we will be happy to assist you.