nutrition advice

Veganer Salat

Recommendations for a healthy diet

Constant overacidification is one of the most common causes for faster aging and serious diseases. It arises from false nutrition, environmental pollution, stress, insufficient movement, traumata, surgeries, heritable factors, long-term intake of medication and negative emotions. With the right diet, you protect your body and take care of your health and energy.

1.Drink at least 1 liter of still water per 30kg bodyweight

2.Eat highly hydrated food (i.e. fruit and vegetables with low sugar)

3.10 percent of daily nutrition should come from good fats. Avocado oil, olive oil, canola oil sunflower oil, sesame oil, flaxseed oil, pumpkin seed oil, or fish oil contain valuable 3-6-9 fatty acids. Avoid oil from plastic bottles.

4.if you do not eat enough fruits and vegetables, you can also drink green smoothies, put 20 percent fresh fruit, 80 percent green leave vegetables and some water in a mixer. By liquefying the nutrients can be absorbed better.

5.consume 80 percent alkaline foods and avoid acidifying foods. Our practice can provide you with a list.

6.Avoid dairy products.

7.Pay attention to good, plant-based foods, they should account for 10 percent of daily nutrition. Reduce animal proteins.

8.Reduce carbohydrates to 10 percent of your calories balance and preferably eat wholegrain bread, rice, noodles, potatoes, quinoa and amaranth as a carb source.

9.Reduce consumption of coffee, black tea, alcohol, nicotine and sugar.