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Psycosomatic disorders

Psychosomatic treatment for a better life quality

Not only physical burdens can cause afflictions, that affect your life. Also psychological and emotional problems can activate areas of the brain responsible for pain processing. The psychosomatic medicine addresses conditions with psychological roots. Whether it is stress, mobbing, anxiety, depressive moods, unsolved mental conflicts, sleeping problems, inner unrest, ADS, ADHS, burn-out, anxiety states, surgeries, traumatic events until posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) – every physical, mental and emotional burden can leave traces in your body and cause psychosomatic diseases and pains. Psychosomatics have many faces, and to recognize them is crucial for a successful therapy, that is why we involve the body and soul equally.

Psychosomatic treatment: Detect the root cause, treat sensitively

Upon many psychosomatic diseases symptoms such as migraine, panic attacs, anxiety disorders, functional heart problems, exhaustion, burn-out, sleeping problems, breathing difficulites, gastro-intestinal problems (i.e. colics, diarrhea, constipation), headaches, pain in the spine, joints or muscles, metabolic problems, neurovegetative or hormonal dysfuntions can arise. In the Practice Böhler, patients and their perceived reality of pains are taken seriously.

With profound conversations, differentiated diagnostics and individual treatments we accompany you on the way to better life quality – jointly. In osteopathy we are specialized in finding and treating the root causes for blockades and dysfunctions. In our treatment we combine our therapeutic know-how with knowledge of human nature, empathy and intuition, and experience in the interdisciplinary cooperation with physicians and therapists.

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