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The holistic approach for your urologic treatment

With our holistic therapy concept we also treat people in the area of urology. For example, we treat patients that are dealing with problems such as incontinencia, diseases of frequent inflammation of the urinary bladder, irritable bladder, problems with the urethra or the ureter, kidneys, testicles, prostate, or sexual dysfunctions.

We also assist patients after surgical interventions. Our practice cooperates with the treating urologist and complements the conventional medical treatment. Together we advocate competently and medically profound for a better life quality for our patients.

Urologic treatment: We look for the root causes.

The treatment in our practice doesn’t focus on the symptoms, but on the root causes. For urologic diseases oftentimes are only the result of a long cause-effect-chain. Also in the area of urology, our aim is to find the beginning of this chain and treat it suitably. To give an example, the reason for frequently recurring bladder infections can be stress, hypothermia or a weak immune system. Male patients can develop sexual dysfunctions or prostate problems caused by malposition of the hip. Once we have identified the root cause through a comprehensive anamnesis and examination, we adapt our therapy suitably to the individual needs of the patient, and their condition.

We are happy to work together with your treating urologist.

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