Detoxification and purification

Detoxification and purification – the fountain of youth for your health

In our practice we accompany our patients with cures and treatments for detoxification and purification. In our eyes, this is the first and most important step to improve well-being, relieve the body and enable healing. Incorrect nutrition, stress, lack of exercise or drug use can lead to the accumulation of “slag” in the body. This term has been used in naturopathy for many centuries. It includes metabolic end products such as heavy metals, toxins, uric acid or cholesterol, which the body cannot excrete or degrade sufficiently. In addition, we are surrounded by more than 70,000 toxic chemicals every day, which cannot always be completely decomposed in the body and accumulate in the tissue. No wonder, then, that our filter and detoxification organs need support.

Strengthening of the body’s own filter systems for effective detoxification and purification

To strengthen the liver, kidneys and intestines, we use an individual combination of osteopathy, physiotherapy, naturopathy, regulation of the acid-base household, intestinal remediation, nutritional advice and orthomolecular medicine in our practice. In general, sport and massages stimulate the metabolism and are a healthy supplement to a cure. Drink at least 1 liter of water per 30 kg body weight, which supports the kidneys, is good for the skin and helps with weight loss, detoxification and purification.

Furthermore, you will not find any general instructions for detoxification and purification. Each therapy and cure is individually tailored to the individual patient. For example, fasting is not healthy for everyone. We carefully test intolerances to certain foods and draw up a plan that will help you to change your diet.

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