heart rate variability

Heart rate variability – preventive diagnostics from heart research


Heart rate variability – preventive diagnostics from heart research


The autonomic/vegetative nervous system is your body’s early warning system. Many diseases have a long, undiscovered (pre-) history. Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is a measurement that indicates changes in heart rate. This provides information on the extent to which your autonomic nervous system is stressed by stress, for example. In America, the HRV rate has long been recognized as an early indicator that can help diagnose, treat and prevent illnesses such as burnout, heart attacks or strokes at an early stage. In Germany, Praxis Böhler is one of the pioneers in this field.

Determine heart rate variability reliably.

In our practice we determine HRV with a special form of ECG, which takes up the heart rhythm intervals. The measuring system is called Nerve Express, is highly developed and provides extremely reliable indications of pathological processes or existing dysfunctions at a very early stage, which can affect the cardiovascular system. In our practice we also use the instrument for measuring, monitoring and improving physical fitness in sports and training. The HRV examination only takes a few minutes, is simple and painless and can be performed on everyone.