magnetic field therapy


magnetic field therapy

Magnetic field therapy – Biostimulation by magnetic fields

In our practice we use magnetic field therapy to support the osteopathic treatment of our patients. In magnetic field therapy, magnetic fields act on the body and produce strong biostimulation. The aim is to stimulate the cell metabolism, increase oxygen exchange and stimulate blood circulation.


SOMM makes magnetic field therapy an experience for the senses.

Thanks to state-of-the-art medical technology, we are able to supplement magnetic field therapy with vibration, sound, sound, music and oscillation in our practice. In expert circles, the combination of these six forms of therapy is known as sensory oscillating multi-modulation (SOMM). The aim of this therapy is to support and activate the immune system and self-healing of people, which can have a positive effect on many diseases. The therapy is also very well suited for reducing stress and treating pain.


These procedures are not recognised by conventional medicine as being effective, since scientific evidence of the effect according to orthodox medical standards has not yet been provided or is insufficient.