Physiotherapy Koblenz and Eitelborn – here you are in good hands!

The Practice Böhler in Koblenz and in the Westerwald is specialized in classical physiotherapy, next to osteopathy and naturopathy. In physiotherapy, our physiotherapists work with the external application of therapy, to restore, improve or retain the mobility and functionality of the body. Focal point of physiotherapy are the active exercise therapy and medical gymnastics. The therapy takes place based on a medical prescription and the individual needs of the patient. The goal is to relieve pain, to stimulate the metabolism and blood circulation as well as to improve or retain the patient’s mobility, coordination, strength and endurance. Your physiotherapist will gladly advise you.

Our service offering around physiotherapy in Koblenz

In our practice in Koblenz we offer you a wide array of physiotherapeutic measures. We work with our hands, provide numerous options around equipment medicine and can show you exercise to carry out at home.

  • Medical gymnastics
  • Manual therapy
  • Manual lymphatic drainage
  • Classic massage therapy
  • Device-supported physiotherapy
  • Heat application (natural moor wrap, far infrared)
  • Cryotherapy
  • Ultrasound
  • Magnetotherapy
  • Physical vascular therapy

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