eduard böhler

Eduard Böhler

“I have the vision of a healthy society in which people are enthusiastic and take responsibility for their own health care and prevention! This is what I work for day after day. “

eduard böhler

Founder of the Böhler practice.
Osteopath, physiotherapist, alternative practitioner


focal points

  • Adult, infant and child osteopathy, treatment of chronic
  • recurrent or therapy-resistant diseases
  • nutritional counselling
  • intestinal rehabilitation
  • therapy for food intolerances
  • allergies and immune deficiency
  • support and accompaniment in post-traumatic stress disorders and burnout


“At the age of 28 I was allowed to accompany a boy suffering from cancer in his last year of life. This experience opened my eyes for the holistic therapy, which is about the person and not about the illness. This boy, my love for life and for people, is the motivation to constantly develop my knowledge and my method and to put them at the service of a healthy society.”

What particularly fascinates me about my profession is that I can help people with my bare hands to become and stay healthy. I motivate people not to become active only in case of illness. It is always worth staying on the healthy path and investing in prevention. And not out of fear of pain and illness, but out of joy in health and out of love for life”.