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We carefully support your gynecologic treatment in a holistic approach

In our practice, together with physicians and gynecologists, we assist girls and women of all ages. The palpation and inner gynecologic examination and diagnostics are not done by us, but by your treating gynecologist. With our holistic view on gynecology, we can attentively support and accompany your treatment. With much care and competence we search for the root causes of for example menstrual cramps or menopause troubles, disorders within the breast, recurring yeast infections, lower abdomen pain, bladder weakness or hormonal disorders. Once the root cause is identified, we assist the body with a holistic treatment, so it can restore its natural and healthy balance at best.

We accompany women through their pregnancy, prenatal- and aftercare.

We can also assist therapeutically with unfulfilled wish for children, and are happy to be of help. After a caesarean section or a laparoscopy we gladly support with a gentle scar treatment.

A gynecologic treatment should always take into consideration the causal coherences!

In the area of gynecology there are various health implications, that affect in particular women and girls. From puberty, to pregnancy, to menpause – the female body is constantly in transition. The

hormonal and inner organic capability to adapt is in great demand.

With all flexibility, one should not forget that the hormonal cycle and the setup of the female organs are sensitive systems. If they lose balance, psychological, emotional or physical problems can emerge. Pains in the lumbar spine, bladder weakness or lower abdomen problems can be a result of the lowering of the uterus, that often arises after giving birth. As experienced  therapists, also in the area of gynecology we always keep in mind the possible causal coherences.

Once the root cause is found, we can develop a suitable treatment plan, that is directed to your long-term well-being.

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