colon therapy

Colon therapy and Intestinal cleansing

The intestine is the center of the human immune system. A healthy gut and an intact intestinal flora are elementary for our health. When patients complain about diarrhea, constipation or flatulence, the connection to the intestine is obvious even to a layperson. However, an impaired gut flora or other troubles of the intestine are not always that obvious. Also diffuse symptoms such as fatigue, recurring infections, skin rashes, joint pains, headaches and migraine can find its roots in the intestine. Troubles in the gut always have an impact on the whole body. For if nutrients cannot be unlocked optimally for the body anymore, deficiency symptoms are inevitable. Unfortunately, bad settlement of fungus and bacteria in the colon and small bowel are not a rarity. What is more, a pathological permeability of the intestinal mucosa (leaky gut) is seen as causal for many diseases. An intestine cleansing and colon therapy can restore the healthy balance of the gut flora.


Prior to an intestine cleansing and colon therapy you should deacidify!

In order to strengthen the intestine, and thus your immune system, the first step is to restore the acid-base-balance. For example through health-conscious eating, sport, alkaline baths or the intake of alkaline specimens. At the same time, the natural and probiotic gut flora should be restored through the intake of vital and useful microorganisms. With special osteopathic techniques and naturopathic specimen, the intestine cleansing, colon therapy and detoxification can be supported. Here again, we do not examine organs one by one, but the body as a whole system. Liver and kidneys should also be supported well during the treatment. On top of that, during this cure, you should drink a sufficient amount of water. We recommend at least 1 liter of water per 30 kilogram bodyweight.


These methods still are not approved by conventional medicine, for scientific proof of the effect has not yet been presented sufficiently. However, natural therapy can support a treatment.