Nutrition consultingernährungsberatung


nutritional counselling

Nutrition Consulting Koblenz and Westerwald – valuable knowledge for a conscious diet.

In our practice in Koblenz and Eitelborn we offer well-grounded nutritional consultation. Our goals is to provide you the knowledge around a health-conscious and balanced diet.

Herein we consider intolerances, allergies, as well as ethically, religiously or personally-based preferences and dislikes. As educated nutritionists, we help you to optimize your diet.

We detect intolerances through lab examinations of stool samples, the analysis of your genetic disposition with the MetaCheck method, as well as through kinesiology.


We are certain, that nutritional advice plays a key aspect for health in our society today. This service should not be left out in any health consultation, and it is one of the core services of our practice in Koblenz.


Individual nutritional advice Koblenz and Eitelborn: “We need to get back to alkaline nutrition!”

In general, human nutrition should consist out of 80 percent alkaline and 20 percent acidifying foods. The categorization of alkaline or acidy is based on the way, an ingredient is metabolized. However today, In most cases the nutrition is the other way round. Only 20% of our population eat in a balanced way: too many bad carbohydrates instead of wholefoods and vegetables, too little plant-based, to many animal proteins. This knowledge we provide to you in our practice in Koblenz. Generally, we recommend in our consultation to consume regional and organic products, and to reduce meat, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, animal proteins and saturated fats. If possible, eat as much natural food as possible – ones that your grandmother would have known – as nature is the best pharmacy.


Metacheck – a look at your genes. Which metabolic type are you?

Every person has a highly individual genetic construction plan. This defines, which macronutrients you can metabolize best. For example, have you been asking yourself often, why you do not lose weight despite reduced carbohydrates? A glance at your genes can help. With a saliva sample, a certified lab analyzes, whether you metabolize carbohydrates, proteins or fats better, and whether you are an endurance or speed exercise type. Based on these results, we create for you an individual sports and diet plan that fits you perfectly.